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Backup, transportation and recovery of data and critical systems represent a key risk point for organizations. Unfortunately, news of information security incidents resulting from unencrypted data or poor retention and recovery plans is all too regular. Our ITManager suite of managed services includes vital backup and recovery strategies that will keep your organization out of such news stories.

Remote Backup Service relieves the pain of traditional backup routines by encrypting core data and moving it via a secure connection to an offsite, SAS-70 certified data center where it is available for easy restoration.

Cloud Recovery Service provides quick restoration and recovery of data or failed systems via software and hardware that creates encrypted, local images which are replicated to an offsite, SAS-70 compliant data storage facility. Virtualization of these images allows for rapid recovery of critical systems as part of continuity and recovery plans.

Email Archiving Service addresses retention requirements by providing compliant, offsite storage of local or hosted email data.

Managed IT Services
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