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Information security risk and compliance continue to be top-of-mind issues for CSOs and CIOs. To address these issues and maximize network security, our ITManager suite of managed services includes a comprehensive set of Managed Security Services.

System Security Analysis is a comprehensive review of your network security delivered by our trained security experts. It creates a security status baseline via a comprehensive security status report with risk rankings and recommended remediation.

Managed Firewall Service provides 24x7 intrusion detection, prevention and reporting capabilities via management of network traffic through a state-of-the-art firewall.

Web Content Filtering works in conjunction with our Managed Firewall Service to provide management of web traffic through the firewall.

Gateway Anti-virus works in conjunction with our Managed Firewall Service to provide protection against malware at a network's perimeter.

Hosted SPAM Filtering stops SPAM and associated malware before it reaches your network by routing inbound and outbound email traffic through an adjustable filter.

Remote Vulnerability Assessments provide monthly, remote tests of your perimeter security and delivers formatted reports to you as proof of network testing.

Internal Vulnerability Assessments compare a network's vulnerabilities against a standard and produce vulnerability reporting for prioritized remediation.

Web Security Service provides proactive validation and filtering of web requests to protect against a variety of risks associated with websites including phishing schemes, malware, botnets and negative impact on productivity.

Endpoint Security Service is a managed anti-malware solution which provides protection from a variety of malicious software via proactive management of anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Our customers have trusted us to handle their network support and security for over 35 years. Harland Technology Services has the expertise and solutions needed to address security and compliance concerns.

Managed IT Services
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