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Customer Testimonials

"I just wanted to write to tell you how grateful we (I) are that we signed on with your company (Harland Technology Services). If what just happened to us had been while we were still with your competitor I can’t imagine how long we would have been down and how much it would have cost us to just patch our system together. Your service technicians have been great.

I want you to understand that our company believes in building lasting long term relationships with our vendors/business partners – which is really how we like to think of you – and the responses we have received throughout this situation have been great.

My boss is already thanking me for making the change (to Harland Technology Services) … so it is only fair that your team gets the credit they deserve as well. They have all gone above and beyond and deserve recognition for that."

Most Sincerely – Thank YOU!

Beth B.

"We couldn't be more satisfied with the services we receive from Harland Technology Services. They are easy to work with; from call placement through call closing. We can get online and handle our call placement and tracking or call their 800 number to speak to a real person!

Recently we closed and/or moved 30 of our sites and Harland Technology Services handled the technology portion of it for us. Assisting us with this project was outside of the day-to-day services from Harland Technology Services, but they were flexible and made my life a lot easier during this transition. I would highly recommend IT solutions and services from Harland Technology Services."

Michael F.
Business Infrastructure Manager

"I have to say that the service level we receive from Harland Technology Services is unparalleled by other third party providers with whom I have dealt in my thirty years here. Never have we had quicker response times to issues than we receive from Harland Technology Services. Never have our first contacts been with people who can so regularly solve the issue themselves without having to move us up the ladder to someone with greater competence (not that it doesn't happen at times –which is to be expected.)

Yesterday I placed a call and about an hour later received a call from a Technical Services Representative. She apologized for not having resolved the issue as yet. Quite frankly, as I later told my VP, I was thrilled that I received a call back in only an hour – as other providers are happy to simply send an email saying they received the issue and then leave it sit there for a few days.

Whatever Harland Technology Services has done to develop such a high level of service – quick response aligned with quick resolution – should be studied and emulated by others."

Credit Union President

"Harland Technology Services has been helping us with our onsite POS repairs since 2003.  Over the years we've asked them to partner with us on a variety of special projects and every time they have gone above and beyond.

Last year during the holidays, one of Harland Technology Services service technicians found a $100 bill stuck in a drawer that he was repairing off site. He drove back to our store, found a manager and returned it. This is just one example where a Harland employee has shown a sense of true ownership and delivered exceptional customer service.  The success of our company is built on the development of mutually beneficial relationships and we have a true, long-term partner in Harland Technology Services."

IT Purchasing & Lease Manager

"Since selecting Harland Technology Services in May 2006 as our printer maintenance and support vendor, our total annual cost saving is more than $300,000. Harland Technology Services' printer maintenance and support service response to our mission critical warehouse printing demand is excellent. Both our Harland Technology Services Account Executive and Inside Sales force are very accessible and responsive to any issues or situations that may occur.

A real selling point for our IT management is that Harland Technology Services has their own, company employed national service organization. We have access to on-line monitoring of our equipment inventory and service tickets status from our Helpdesk. IT management gives Harland Technology Services high marks for excellent service."

UNIX Administrator
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