Whether you place your call over the phone or via the internet, Harland Technology Services' ServiceCOMMAND® offers you the ability to track your call from placement to completion, to view tickets statuses, and to register for auto-email notifications.

Online Service Call Placement

When you need to place a service request, simply login to your account through ServiceCOMMAND® to get started. You'll then select your location and equipment from a real-time display and provide contact information.

Call Dispatching

Once you have placed your service request, the call is dispatched to a Field Service Technician via his/her Blackberry®. If you requested an email acknowledgement, it will be sent to you at this time.

Reporting Capabilities

Display and/or download call history information by customer number and access a complete list of equipment covered under your agreement by location.

Ticket Status

Research information relative to a specific ticket via the HTS ticket number or your ticket cross reference number.

Auto Email Reporting

You can elect to have email notifications sent to an address(es) of your choice. When a ticket is opened or closed, an alert will be sent to the email address that is entered.

User ID
 User sessions will time out after a period of inactivity.
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